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Illinois Rivers Casino opens as gaming bill for more sits on Gov. Quinn’s desk

July 19, 2011
Illinois gaming

Illinois gaming expands

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is still struggling with the gaming bill sitting on his desk.  There are two factions after him: opponents and proponents.  Opponents say that Illinois has too many gambling facilities and doesn’t need any more as the locals are reportedly becoming addicted and destitute.  The proponents want the money for the municipalities that are supposedly fortunate enough to get the casinos within their borders.

CLICK HERE to read the entire story including Employment Opportunities and a Gambler Help link 

Up to this point, Quinn has said he will not sign the bill because he thinks it is extremely excessive, as it includes numerous casino licenses and slots to be put in O’Hare and Midway Airports, the Illinois State Fair, and many more places.

Yet, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants the public’s money and is determined to get it with a strong push for a casino in downtown Chicago.  For betting individuals, bet on Chicago’s downtown having a casino in a short time because, so far, what Rahm wants – Rahm gets.  He was instrumental in getting the gaming bill as far as it recently got – through the Illinois congress and landing on Quinn’s desk.  He reportedly made calls to most all Illinois legislatures within 24-hours of the day the bill passed.

Aside from that political battle going on, this week, Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois, next to Chicago and just minutes from O’Hare International Airport, opened its doors to become the tenth casino in Illinois.


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