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Obama Criticizes Boehner for Walking Out: What Goes Around

July 22, 2011


President Barack Obama spoke to the nation regarding the budget crisis at 6:00 PM EST on Friday afternoon.  The president announced that Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner walked out of the most recent talks in spite of the fact that Obama has told his congressional leaders that this is the deadline.  Obama says he stressed that something must be passed now to avoid default.  He even accused the Republicans of wanting a default.  

He has scheduled another meeting for tomorrow morning at 11:00 at the White House. 

As President Obama continues to criticize the split opinions among his congressional leaders and only blame the Republicans for the deadlock, he continual forgets who is really to blame.  Obama, himself, is to blame.  The only reason we have a totally split, partisan congress is because of the actions he took the two years as President of the United States.  It was he and his party that caused the split congress.  Had things not gotten so bad in 2009 and 2010, the Republicans wouldn’t have run away with the election in November 2010 causing the horrendous congressional divide. 

And in response to the president being appalled that Boehner would walk out of a meeting, the first walker was President Obama, himself, when he didn’t like what Eric Cantor was saying.  Maybe there should have been more honesty and remorse for that incident and it possibly wouldn’t be repeating now with other walking out. 

It would be nice if President Obama finally realized that blaming others is not getting this nation headed in the right direction. 

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