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Rachel Maddow sued for defamation

July 27, 2011

Rachel Maddow sued for defamation

The You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, Inc. ministry run by former hard metal rocker Bradlee Dean is suing MSNBC and its talk-show host Rachel Maddow for some-$50 million. 

Larry Klayman, the lawyer representing the Minnesota-based ministry, is the founder of the well-known Freedom Watch which, according to its website, claims to be the only political advocacy group that speaks through action instead of just words. 

The issue is that Dean took to radio airwaves to criticize fellow-Christians for not taking a stronger stand regarding the gay rights lobby that promoted homosexuality in the schools.  He allegedly made a strong reference to Muslims taking the issue more seriously in the context of Shariah law, but did not condone their practices.  The ministry and Dean maintain that the statements were to bring attention to the issue and not to advocate harm to anyone.  

That is not how the message has been coming out by left-wing media according to the lawsuit. 

CLICK HERE to read the entire story


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