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Enjoy Obama’s Bus Tour – After all, you’re paying for it

August 15, 2011

Enjoy Obama’s Bus Tour – After all, you’re paying for it.

President Barack Obama will be on a bus tour for three days this week.  On Monday, Obama heads to Minnesota via Marine One – not a bus.  During Monday and Tuesday, he will be in Iowa’s Decorah and Peosta.  On Wednesday, the last day of his tour, he will be in Illinois’ towns of Atkinson and Alpha which are in the western portion of the state.  He will be discussing the middle class, the economy, and jobs.  It’s the first time in a long time that Obama will be returning to Illinois without his hand out asking for money.  In the past, he has only made it home to ask for money for his own political campaign, other Democrats’ campaigns, and the Democratic National Committee. 

It’s going to get to the point that Illinoisans start running the other way, taking their own trips out of town, when they see him coming.  After all, how much money is enough? 

The last time Obama was in his home state just 12 days ago, he schmoozed Chicagoans and Illinoisans out of an excess of $3 million for himself and the DNC while Obama allegedly celebrating his 50th birthday in Chicago. 

Truth told, however, Obama is expected to turn this tour into a much-needed campaign effort for 2012 as his job approval rating has been very low in recent times.  Yesterday, in fact, Gallup reported that Obama’s approval rating hit a new low of 39%. 

The down-shot to this bus tour is that it has been designed to be an extraordinarily sweet deal for Obama.  He’s out on the road – basically to campaign – and the tour is being paid for by the American taxpayers.  Unlike Presidents before him, Obama is not taking money out of his own campaign funds which is reportedly the largest presidential re-election campaign chest in history.  One might also consider the fact that the federal government currently cannot pay its bills without taking out loans.  Yet, Obama is using our tax dollars to allegedly campaign on. 

This is no different than someone inviting himself to visit your town and giving you the expense receipts.  No, it doesn’t make sense – but that’s what Obama is doing. 

The bottom line is that the nation would have less debt if Obama just stayed home in the White House, tried to solve our economic problems there, and just forgot about hitting the road to try to convince us that he’s the answer for the nation’s economic woes.  After all, how many Americans drive around the country to tell everybody that they’re broke – while trying to convince everybody that they know how to get out of debt but just didn’t do it yet? 

Just doesn’t make good ‘cents!’ 

It might be a better use of tax dollars to have someone travel around the country to spread the word: Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ has become ‘Hope for Change!’ 


About the photo: U.S. President Barack Obama walks toward Marine One while departing the White House on August 15, 2011 in Washington, DC. Obama is traveling to Minnesota to start his three-day bus trip through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.


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